Invest in Yourself & Improve your “SweatAbility” Factor!

Invest in Yourself & Improve your “SweatAbility” Factor!cropped-Kicktras.png


This week we are straying from the normal sales tip regarding technique or skill. Instead I want to give you a tip about time management and encourage you to be selfish every now and again. I encourage you to all draw your own chart with your own daily/weekly activities in between phone calls this morning, at lunch or when you get home tonight.


Think about your day and the activities you complete. We all tend to be creatures of habit and in sales we are often very reactive instead ofactive. In our positions, it’s easier to react to a phone ringing than it is to actively make outbound dials and make it ring. We are also creatures of habit in that we tend to approach our sales calls the same way, we all have our standard presentation lines. The truth is that we all have our own systems for obtaining and tracking business, right? Every system works a certain percentage of the time. Some systems are just better than others. For example- If all we did was answer the phone and ask for credit cards within the first 30 seconds, that system would work, just not very often.


I propose that we all take action to shake up our systems from time to time.  Are you where you want or need to be right now? What action can you take to effect change yourself? I suggest that you think about your business and reinvest in yourself. Spend some time everyday improving your sales skill, listening to calls, breaking down your own systems and building them back up. Read some sales books: Gitomer, Ziglar and Tracy are all at the library and easily on Amazon. and Do you want to be a leader? Read some books on the subject from Jack Welch or read articles from Harvard Business Review. In order to become better than you are now and to maintain long term success it’s important to be selfish every now and again, lock yourself in a room for 30 minutes a day and improve your long term success factor exponentially.


The Equation for Success is your SweatAbility Factor. Sweat X Ability = Success.


Sweat refers to your Effort and Willingness to Work Hard. It’s easier to increase this factor, just make a few more calls or work more hours. But that isn’t very much fun is it? Eventually this Factor runs out, we get burned out if we rely on hard work and Sweat to make up for Ability. See Quadrant I Below.


Ability refers to your sales skills and how efficiently you perform your job. It’s your sales IQ among other things like organizational skills. Most people think that their Ability is capped at the current level, but it’s actually easier to improve your Ability and takes less time than just working an extra 4 hours every week. See Quadrant II below for long term success and growth.


What activities do you currently have that fall into each category below? Are you spending the right amount of time in each? What will you do to invest in yourself today? How will you improve your Ability Factor?


SweatAbility Efficiency

SweatAbility Efficiency

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